Like, totally clueless!

I love getting my free Stylist magazine every Wednesday morning on the way to work. It’s like a regular ‘hump-day’ treat. I especially loved today’s issue which features a list of top ten movies that every girl (and some boys!) loves – whether they admit it or not.

Inspired by the 25th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, Stylist looks back at other equally cheesy movies that we can’t get enough of. Grease is one of my all time favourites, the sing-a-long always puts me in a good mood. But what really brought it back was the mention of Clueless. As a nineties kid, I remember only too well the one-liners and catch phrases from that film, and hearing them repeated by my peers on a daily basis.  *sings rollin’ with the homies*……..and remember those furry topped pencils we all had at school?

………and that Cher had her own wardrobe app before apps were even a thing!!!

Like whatever – that is sooooo 1995!

Read the full list of embarrassingly cheesy films on here:

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App of the week: Viber

This week’s pick of the apps is one which I use everyday and is in my top three used apps on my phone along with Facebook and Twitter. Viber is an app for making unlimited free calls and texts to contacts in your phone who also have the app. Like Skype, it runs on internet connection, but is much more user friendly on a mobile for sending text messages. Living in London with most of my loved ones in Ireland, this is a definite hit for me- it saves me a fortune!

*Viber is a free app and is available for iphone, Android and Blackberry

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Barbie goes to the movies!

This Katniss Everdeen Barbie as inspired by The Hunger Games is so cool!

Some more movie icon Barbies…….

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Free wifi on the tube!!

Usually when I’m heading onto the tube after a day’s work and see some one handing out flyers I ignore them and make a beeline for the train platform. Today however, I heard the girl say ‘free Wi-Fi on the underground’ and my eyes lit up!

In the run up to the Olympics, Mayor of London Boris Johnson aims to establish London as “Europe’s leading digital city”. By the end of July, over 80 tube stations will be connected to free Virgin Media Wi-Fi.

Though it’s not available in the tunnels, it’s exciting to know that when a train is held up at a station, I can spend that time tweeting!

I love technology!!

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Geeky treats

I’m addicted to taking snaps with Instagram and a bit of a geek when it comes to apps on my phone in general. is a website full of baking ideas and sweet creations and when I came across an image of these Instagram cookies, I was so inspired. So in an attempt to bring my creative side out in the kitchen and armed with my phone’s screen for reference, I made some app cookies of my own.

The base of the biscuits is a simple
shortbread recipe and to decorate, I began with white ready-to-roll icing sugar.

I used food colouring to make up each colour needed and while the cookies were in the oven, I got cutting and shaping.

So this is how they turned out. My Instagram creation isn’t as impressive as the ones I’ve seen online, but I think it’s not bad for a first try, eh?

I think I’ve discovered a new hobby!

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I got that Boom Boom Pow!

This week’s featured bargain of the week is not technically a bargain as it didn’t actually cost me anything! *result*

I’m lucky to have a really cool job working in a magazine and one of the perks of the job is always getting free stuff!

I have a weakness for anything sparkly and also nail related- so this caught my eye on the freebee shelf and I snapped it up immediately! This luxurious gold glitter nail polish by Deborah Lippmann is called Boom Boom Pow and is apparently infused with real 24 Karat Gold Dust!! *BLING* When I Googled shopping results for the nail varnish, I discovered it sells at around £18!! *DOUBLE BLING*

I used it over a mettalic gold and gave the glitter about 3 coats to really make it sparkle! I know it’s not the cheapest, but if you’re going for a really sparkly mani, then this is the polish to use. I love this look and can’t stop looking at my nails- it’s a wonder I’m getting anything done at all!

Also, now I can’t get this song out of my head:

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The best thing on the internet today!!

When you get a chance today, take a minute to enjoy today’s ‘Google doodle’ on the Google home page. It is so much fun and the best one I have ever seen!!

In honour of the 78th birthday of music pioneeer and inventor Robert Moog, it features a working synthesiser that can be played with mouse or keyboard.

The fun doesn’t stop there- also, there’s a record button and you can then playback the tunes you play! Impressed and entertained- not sure it’ll make for 100% productivity today at work though! ;P

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