Geeky treats

I’m addicted to taking snaps with Instagram and a bit of a geek when it comes to apps on my phone in general. is a website full of baking ideas and sweet creations and when I came across an image of these Instagram cookies, I was so inspired. So in an attempt to bring my creative side out in the kitchen and armed with my phone’s screen for reference, I made some app cookies of my own.

The base of the biscuits is a simple
shortbread recipe and to decorate, I began with white ready-to-roll icing sugar.

I used food colouring to make up each colour needed and while the cookies were in the oven, I got cutting and shaping.

So this is how they turned out. My Instagram creation isn’t as impressive as the ones I’ve seen online, but I think it’s not bad for a first try, eh?

I think I’ve discovered a new hobby!

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