Christian Louboutin exhibition

I made a trip down to the design museum in London at the weekend to see the Christian Louboutin exhibition and I’m so glad I did.

Now, I’m not one to obsess over heels, nor do I own a pair of Louboutins, but none the less, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

From the moment I stepped through the almost circus-like entrance, I was excited to see what was inside. The exhibition is laid out beautifully with gorgeous typography on the wall that tells the story of his early career and how he draws on his interests in things like landscape gardening and dance for design inspiration.

Also, lots and lots of shoes!!! It’s every fashionista’s dream shoe wardrobe filled with Louboutin’s most iconic, memorable and some pretty bonkers shoe creations.

My favourite feature was the showcase of sketches and and designs laid out in a glass box with sheets of pre-cut leather and personal notes made by Louboutin himself. There is a hologram of Dita Von Teese as part of the show also, but the day I was there, the museum had ‘technical difficulties’ so I didn’t get to see it. 😦

If you can make it to the exhibition, I highly recommend it. It’s there until 1 July 2012 and admission is £10 – worth every penny. The simplest way to some it up in one word– fun!

Here’s a video trailer of the exhibition;

For some more Louboutin themed fun- go to his really cool website:

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