In my make-up bag…..

1. Eyelure Girls Aloud False lashes, Kimberley 2. Benefit Bad Gal mascara 3. Max Factor PanStik, shade 13- Nouveau Beige 4. Mac cream blush, Posey 5. Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes 6. Marc Jacobs Lola EDP 7. Barry M nail paint, Cyan 8. Benefit High Beam 9. Benefit Benetint

Beauty régimes– us girls all have our own little tricks of the trade and follow the golden rules; cleanse, tone, moisturise; never wear make-up to bed etc. When it comes to getting dolled up, we all have our favourites, those trusted little products that we couldn’t live without and I, for one, always keep my beauty basics fully stocked with my top tried and tested items.

I never go anywhere without some make-up on my face. In my morning routine, putting on my face is almost as important as getting dressed. I have improved of late however, and I can venture out on a Sunday with a bit of mascara a lippie, but I never go nude.

The Max Factor Pan Stik (left) has been my foundation of choice since my teens. Admitedly,it’s also favoured among the chav community, especially in 3-inch layers, but I like a thin, well blended layer of this foundation as it gives perfect coverage when matched to the proper skin tone.
I’m a big fan of Benefit cosmetics, my credit card may not feel the same way but this make-up is high quality and worth every penny! I don’t leave the house without Benetint lip stain (right) in my bag-it’s perfect for everyday lip colour and it’s more subtle than lip-gloss.
For a glammed-up Saturday night look, I always finish my look off with false lashes. The Girls Aloud range from Eylure are my favourite, especially the Kimberley Walsh ones. The glue is really good on these lashes and unlike some, doesn’t leave you with less eyelashes than you started off with at the end of the night!

It’s not just my face I like to glam up, I’m a big fan of painting my nails in the latest colours, at the moment, I am loving the Cyan Blue from Barry M.

So there it is, my must have make-up things and long story short, when it comes to beauty products, really I just love all of the things!

x o x o

Compiled & designed by Laura Kenny. Photos:,,
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