Diary of a Bottle-Blonde

When it comes to my hair, I tend to get bored easily and like to try out new colours and styles all the time, and as for brunette tones, I’ve done them all! From chesnut and mahogony browns, to tones of plum and red, to dark brown and black. So when I went blonde, it was a fun change.

They say that blondes have more fun, but what they don’t mention is how high maintenance it is. As a faux blonde, I end up spending a small fortune on getting my roots done and keeping the blonde from going brassy. From highlights every couple of months to the endless shampoos and conditioners I need to stop it looking straw like, it all adds up!

A few months ago, when the cash flow was especially low, I decided to take my hair into my own hands. I’ve watched the stylists do it a million times, how hard can it be?, or so I thought.

All in all, the results weren’t too bad. My hair didn’t fall out, or turn green which is always good. The products I used are good for in between salon visits and here I have a little break down of how I would rate them:

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