Chooon!!: Madonna Vs Duck Sauce -Robin Skouteris Mix

When designer legend Stefano Gabbana tweeted yesterday; ‘Loooooooooooooooove!!Looooooove!! Madonna Vs Duck Sauce -Robin Skouteris Mix’, this mix first came to my attention.

I must admit, when I saw it was a mash-up of Vogue, one of my all time favourites, with the dreaded Duck Sauce anthem, I was a bit apprehensive. To my surprise, within the first thirty seconds of the video, I was sold!! It’s a chooooon!!

The upbeat tempo of Duck Sauce’s Barbra Streisand fits perfectly with the lyrics of Madonna’s Vogue, and if I’m honest, I don’t really get the whole Streisand obsession, so it’s an added bonus that her name is only mentioned once or twice in this mix! ;P


x  o x  o

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1 Response to Chooon!!: Madonna Vs Duck Sauce -Robin Skouteris Mix

  1. UJR says:

    Being a pole-like dancer that can carry a tune is pretty good. Don’t get me wrong ’cause I loved ‘Like a Virgin’; but the obsession with her is just unreal to me, whereas Barbra has a voice!
    I love singing and Madonna really doesn’t sing, she’s an entertainer. When you sing, it doesn’t
    include squatting your stuff in front of the camera, it means sit/stand whatever and do your stuff.
    Dorothy Dandridge, Roberta Flack, Aretha, Chaka, Anita, Patsy Cline, Kathleen Battle (just to name a FEW…….. Never shook their stuff, their ‘true’ talent is singing. Nowadays videos make
    the song more than the singing attributes and people are falling for it, kind of sad.

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