Tried & Tested: UGG sheepskin care kit

Photography:, Laura Kenny

I love my UGG boots. When the temperatures are in the minuses and I’m wearing fifty layers of clothes to keep the cold out, I can always count on my UGGs to keep my toes nice and toasty. They are as comfortable as slippers and the sheepskin snuggly hugs my feet. I love how UGG boots look and I wear mine a lot so I like to keep them looking the part.

When my boots first started to get a bit grubby, I bought the UGG Sheepskin Care Kit from The kit includes protector, cleaner, freshener and a brush/stone to revive the natural lustre of the UGGs.

The kit is packaged in a nice box and contains clear instructions, which when followed, the results are really good. It costs around €30 for the kit, which for the small size of the bottles was a bit pricey, but a price I was willing to pay considering the price of the boots.
I’ve used the kit a good few times now and have been happy with the results each time. The stain repellant bottle empties the quickest, but the shampoo has lots left, as only a small amount is needed each time.

After a walk in the snow, I thought my boots were permanently stained, but after a quick once over with the UGG sheepskin care kit, and they’re back to looking bootiful!!


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